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Pixel Gun 3D Has The Best Features For Gameplay Features


With the rapid advancement of technology, online gaming world has changed a lot and is still changing for the better every day. Now I can have the option to choose from the thousands of online video games with a single click on my mouse or a gentle tap on my smartphone. Apart from joining and following my favorite games online, I can at the same time chat and link myself with millions of other gamersfrom across the globe and I found Pixel Gun 3D game is no exception. It provided me the platform to be known as the best shooter online.

Pixel Gun 3D is probably the best first person shooter iOS and Android game in the whole video gaming industry. It is a free to download game which requires a minimum iOS 5.0 for Apple devices and a 4.0.3 version for Android devices. Here I can battle with my opponents live. I can also try my hand in shooting in different playing mode like the single player survival mode, which I found to be less interesting, and the first person shooter multiplayer mode, which I found to be very intriguing. Other playing modes which I liked are the Death match mode as well as the cooperative mode.

The controls of Pixel Gun 3D game are very easy to operate and are quite satisfactory to make effective kills. I also found the sound effects to be very cool and appropriate for the game to be appealing and interesting. It has a strong and sturdy multiplayer community where the campaigns can be played offline as well. The survival mode and the death match which can be played as a team only are free to download. I had to only make the kills as soon as I entered the field with my pixelated weapons. I easily fought my way out with my weapons and accessories which I could choose from a wide variety.

Different levels and modes required different types of weapons. I had to buy my weapons every time I wanted to switch over and for this I required quite a lot of currency which are available in two different types in Pixel Gun 3D game, namely, coins and gems. I had to play different games which generated me coins and gems and maintain a good stock of both by playing different games. I also used the pixel gun 3d hack tool for my benefit sometimes. All these coins and gems collected enabled me to buy the required weapon as and when I needed.

I found that all the levels of actions to be very interesting and exciting in Pixel Gun 3D game. While killing is the basic principle of the game but shooting the target, reloading and jumping at the same time to survive kept me engrossed. The survival mode, which I found is good for practicing, comes in 10 different levels, which grows harder with progress, multiplayer mode comes with different maps which I had to navigate. With all these features I found the game to be the best FPS game.

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